Need help getting
your words the
right way round?

 An editor’s
eye to improve
focus and clarity?

Time to refresh
your content?

content editing.
copy writing.

It’s all in the detail.

We make sure every word (and semi-colon) is in the right place. We edit for crisp, clear writing with high impact, and always focus on communicating concisely and in Plain English. In a nutshell, we provide exceptional attention to detail so you can publish with confidence.


We are meticulous – paying attention to spelling, grammar, syntax, style, long form inconsistencies, the intersection of design and text, and user experience.


A clever editor deftly works with structure, tone, clarity and consistency to amplify audience engagement and create compelling and vibrant communications.


Refresh your website and stay up to date with scheduled revisions and reliable content management based around what your audience is searching for.



Julie has two decades of experience researching, proofreading, editing and developing content for a wide variety of publications and online audiences. She brings a passion for clarity and engagement, and ensures your project is crafted to connect with its audience and remains vivid long after the pixels have faded.

If you’re looking for the finest attention to detail or vivacious writing (along with a streamlined approach to meeting deadlines), get in touch via text, message or phone. No project is too small.

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Before we start a conversation, just a reminder that I always want to know how many words or pages you require, and a completion date.


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