Hello and welcome to my Tangerine world. My background spans several decades creating print and digital communications for newspapers, libraries and museums, military, university and member organisations, as well as small businesses and not for profits. I’ve worked on large scale agency projects right down to those with nary a budget in sight. My reputation is for both meticulous attention to detail along with a creative and engaging approach that energises the final product.

What makes Tangerine Content & Creative unique is a specialised and finely honed toolkit of editorial skills and knowledge management principles that can be swiftly adapted to the individual challenges your project may present. Agile and adaptable, I can fit in at any stage of the publishing process, complementing your existing expertise.

Connect with me today – I would love to hear about your next publishing project!

Julie Cross


B. A., Dip. Journalism, Dip. Book Editing & Publishing

  Brisbane, Australia


   +61 (0) 411 33 65 64

  Specialising in copywriting, creative content, editing, editorial expertise and support, newsletter creation, online content, profile writing, proofreading, structural editing, style guides, user experience review, web content management and strategy, writing and editing services.